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Pro-Quai is a dock equipment manufacturer specializing in the design of dock levelers and truck dock ramps. Founded in 1982, Pro-Quai is one of the only dock leveler manufacturer in Quebec that designs a variety of docking products for the shipping industry. Our high quality products and our unique customer service are at the heart of our success.

We offer:

High performance products

Pro-Quai and its subsidiaries started operations in 1982 as a handling equipment distributor and has since become a well known dock leveler manufacturer. Drawing on its knowledge of existing products and seeking to correct their limitations, Pro-Quai started building door seals in 1988, followed by strip curtains in 1992, dock levelers in 1994, and vehicle restraints in 2000. Based on existing models, our dock levelers and dock seals have been redesigned to be secure and efficient. Our products are highly popular in the shipping industry thanks to their practical design and their durability.

Unique customer service

As a dock leveler manufacturer, Pro-Quai's growth momentum has been fueled by customers' ever-increasing demand for quality products built to their exact needs. As customer needs began to prove increasingly difficult to meet with distributed products, management decided to start offering custom manufacturing services to better address customer requirements. President Jimmy Lambert and general manager Christian Lambert believe each customer is unique, which is why we take the time to properly assess customer needs to find optimal solutions.

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